Weight loss

Abdominal fat loss

In the study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers have found that interleukin-6, a signaling molecule Choco Lite Review, has a critical role in energy metabolism and abdominal fat loss as we can see below.

The researchers carried out the study for 12 weeks in which they randomly assigned adults with abdominal obesity to four groups. A total of 53 participants received intravenous infusions of tocilizumab, a medication used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, or saline as a placebo every four weeks.

The treatment or placebo of each group was combined with a routine of several 45-minute bike sessions per week Choco Lite Review, or no exercise. To assess the mass of visceral fat tissue, magnetic resonance images of the participants were analyzed before or at the end of the investigation.

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