Difference between hemp plants

The key difference between hemp plants and drug plants is the resin content. The majority of hemp plants are low resinous Sera Labs CBD Oil plants. Drug plants are very resinous plants. Drug plants are horticultural crops high in resins, typically grown from clones reproduced asexually, with 1 or 2 plants per square meter, harvested by hand, dried, pruned and cured.

Industrial hemp varieties are agricultural crops typically low in resins, grown from pedigree seeds, with about 100 thin and high plants per square meter that are harvested with machines and manufactured for the production of different products.

Simply put, it says here that certain Sera Labs CBD Oil parts of the plant (mature stems and sterilized seeds) are outside the legal definition of Marijuana. But not included in this exception are the flowers, leaves and sticky resins that can be found in the plant.

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