Skin Care

Elasticity of the skin is favored

During the relaxation of the muscles the firmness and elasticity of the skin is favored. It is worth knowing, in addition, that as the lines of expression arise due to the tension of the cutaneous muscles and the constant contraction they have Goji Cream Review, if they are not sufficiently relaxed or rested there will be areas such as the eyebrows or the lips that will look like wrinkles.

To avoid them, then, it is very important to relax them, says Carlos Sandoval, Vida Integra’s kinesiologist. The toned musculature leads to a better aesthetic result, because it gives volume to the segments of the body.

In the thigh, for example, the quadriceps gives shape to this part of the leg and if it is toned there is a better aesthetic result. It is the same in the arms Goji Cream Review; its volume is given by the triceps and it is this that will prevent the dreaded ‘bats’ from occurring.

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