Skin Care

Upper layer of the skin

If you have lines of expression that are quite marked and do not understand how to quickly update the face area or do not know the last facets without surgery AmbroSina Skin Cream, consider these treatments without surgery since they can be responded to your condition.

Japanese elimination: this face lift includes a neurophysical therapy that includes several disciplines, a mixture of shiatsu, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage. This lifting is exactly what energizes the upper layer of the skin, the entire central nervous system, the lymphatic system and also the muscles. In this way, the skin regains its tone and feels younger and brighter.

Ultherapy: under this name, is one of the elevators that have the most recent appearance without surgical intervention and which is extremely popular as they become many followers of fashion AmbroSina Skin Cream. This upheaval has the peculiarity that it allows to refresh the area of ​​the face, in addition to lifting it and remodeling it.

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